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Bring change to the lives of millions by supporting educational and welfare projects of An-Nadaa that are bringing a huge positive impact to the community.

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Through education and welfare we uplift underprivileged communities in Nigeria.

An-Nadaa started with the renovation of a single school building in 2014, since then it has grown into an organisation that has established Awqaaf and executed many projects and is building the community through Education and welfare causes.

We want to leave a legacy where the Muslim communities are self sufficient in a world:

  • where schools and universities nurture the leaders and torch bearers of the Ummah.
  • Where medical treatment is available/accessible for all.
  • Where sisters have safe and exclusive educational and medical facilities.
  • Where sisters are empowered to raise Muslim leaders as role models for the next generations to come.
  • Where financial institutions are free from Ribaa and serve the community rather than draining it.
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Our Achievements

Since 2014 we have come a long way

We are committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of people.

10K Zakat Beneficiaries

6K Orphans & Widows Supported

13 Masjid Built

99 Wells Built

*As of Sept 2021
  • We look forward to the day the donation is being made every year and wish we could draw it nearer.



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Frequently asked questions

Yes you can give zakat to An-Nadaa but you need to clearly specify that this money is for Zakat so we can separate it and use it only for the places where Zakat is eligible. To learn more about our zakat program you can see our Zakat program details.

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