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Nigeria has a huge population under the poverty line and a lack of access to proper education. We took the initiative of addressing this major problem in these underprivileged communities by helping to educate, empower and improve the lives of many.

Our story

We are just getting started

An-Nadaa started with the renovation of a single school building in 2014, since then it has grown into an organisation that has established Awqaaf and executed many projects and is building the community through education and welfare causes. An-Nadaa is an officially registered Non-Profit Organisation by the Malaysian and Nigerian governments.
Our causes aim to build self-sustaining communities in which people who were once in need of support transform into someone who supports and uplifts others. Although we started off in Zaria city in Nigeria our vision is to cover the whole country and one day reach the whole of Africa.

Our values

What we stand for and believe in

We are committed to improving the lives of others. We believe that education is the key to a brighter future.


Amanah (Trustworthiness) in every step of what we do


Tarbiyyah of the community through the pure teachings of quran & Sunnah


Community empowerment through self sufficiency.

Founder (Nigeria) & Deputy Chairman (Malaysia)

Meet Sheikh Ibrahim Nuhu

Shaykh giving a talk

Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu Tahir is the founder of An-Nadaa Educational Foundation. He personally supervises and monitors all the activities of the foundation to ensure that they are in line with the rules of Allah, objectives of the organization and maximise the benefit for the community. All this while also ensuring the rights of the donors, partners and beneficiaries are not violated in any way.

Early Years

Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu Tahir was born and raised in Nigeria. Sheikh started his Islamic education from a young age in the classical way with his father Dr. Nuhu Tahir (may Allah preserve him) and other scholars in that region. Sheikh Ibrahim enjoys being around children which is why he started off as a primary School headmaster at Raudatul Qur’an School in Zaria city of Nigeria.

Madinah Education

He was then accepted into the International Islamic University, Madinah. He graduated from the Dept of Shariah at the top of his class with his Bachelors in Shariah and Islamic Studies. He then followed that up with a Postgraduate Diploma (first class of honours) in Islamic Law and Islamic Political Science. Sheikh Ibrahim benefited greatly from his stay in this blessed city learning a lot from the knowledge and tarbiya of the scholars. This is where the idea of An-Nadaa was first developed.


He then went on to complete his masters and PhD from Islamic International University of Malaysia. While he was doing his PhD he was also a teacher and the head of Islamic department in the International Islamic School Malaysia. After completing his PhD sheikh was invited to join the department of Economics and Management Sciences where he is now an associate professor. He is also a research fellow at the Center for Islamic Economics.

Youth Empowerment

Sheikh Ibrahim allots a lot of his free time, and many times sacrifices his own family time, to engage with youth and spread the knowledge and the tarbiyyah of the deen. He conducts classes in Fiqh, Seerah, Akhlaaq, Tafseer, Faraid, essential knowledge for new muslims. Sheikh Ibrahim also holds advisory roles with many organisations and student bodies. With his deep knowledge coupled with extreme humility, Sheikh Ibrahim has significantly single-handedly developed Islam in the lives of hundreds if not thousands of Muslim youth.

Our team

Our team memebrs are responsible of an-nadaa organizeation froma all aspects

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